Mountain Views

"O thou, that tellest good tidings to Zion...get thee up into the high mountain" --Isaiah 40:9

Mountains are the stony crystalization of passion. This page is dedicated to my friends who led me to the heights of the Rockies, and shared with me all this beauty and grandeur. Take a few moments here, and take a virtual trip to the tops of these beautiful mountains, and if fortune and health should favor you, and if you are of daring and good humor, and can take the harshness of the storms and enjoy the depth of a good roar of laughter...then go...and climb them in reality. Be reverant there. And if your climbing days are past, just remember, and dream warmly...of the great days where we came alive once and forever.

(Please click on small images for full sized pictures)

1. Hiking in with a full pack on the way to a typical base camp

2. A typical high country base camp area to set up your tent.

3. Along the peaceful mountain trail.

4. In the Fall near the beautiful summit of Mt. Sneffles.

5. Climbing the snowy summit couloir of Mt. Sneffles with Ben Bursack.

6. High on a glorious mountain summit.

7. On top of the world!

8. Along the mountain crest,
Sandia Peak

9. Feeding a wilderness friend.

10. The snowy ridge trail, Pecos Baldy.

11. Master climber Bob Cowan and me at the top of  Mt. Bross.

12. Bob Bursack smiles as he returns from the summit of Torreys Peak.

13. Chuck Mader and me on top of Colorado.

14. Chuck will always give you a helping hand in the mountains.

15. Home are the (peak) hunters, Home from the hills!

"Last campfires never die, and you and I, on separate ways to life's December, will always dream by this last fire, and have this mountain to remember."

Thank You, God, For Your Glorious Mountains!